HEALTH is… feeling WELL every day

peace & happiness

pain free wholeness and well-being
… and so, so much more

HEALTH is on the other side of FEAR & Excuses

I’m here for you

Health means different things to everyone

For some it’s the absence of pain and discomfort, for others it’s finding joy, fun and freedom amids daily challenges and for a few it’s evolving to an ever higher consciousness

feeling good is just the beginning…

Lets cross the bridge together

WHO Constitution

1948 WHO definition of health

A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

WHO Constitution

Award winning expert brings natural well-being to all

The Heilkunst Health Clinic’s Community grew and evolved ever since 2004… of course so did my knowledge, experience, expertise and savvy. If you’re stuck, trust the evidence of those who have found great success working with me. My treatments are fine-tuned to each individual and their situation at that time.

Heilkunst… not a “one size fits all” solution. Individuality is key!

Community is crucial


Let’s put all of our heads together… particularly during our current “new” normals. Community is not simply about fun. Community is about like minded girls and guys building a “tribe”. In many cultures tribes the medicine man and the elders are treated as “Gods”. It’s understood they both have the best future for everyone at heart.
So… let me become the “Medicine Man” in your life.

it all starts with you… and ends with the world…

Unprecedented times need unprecedented measures

Your Mojo!


Out of sync, unbalanced, overworked, screaming kids, going through the motions, losing track of the beauty of life?



become the goddess and warrior that fears nothing, knowing her tribe has her back, supporting and loving her all the way to victory!

Got Fun?


Get inspired how to “break-free” from toxic relationships, financial stress, illness, or simply a mundane day to day existence.

my healing style… your opportunity

my life’s quest… your inspiration

<em>Hey</em>, I'm Manuela
Hey, I’m Manuela

My desire is to create a safe, respectful and non-judgmental community for females of all ages, religion and race.

To encourage and empower, to guide and inspire towards healing and well being as well to stimulate and challenge current beliefs in order to welcome change that will pave the way to individual success.

<span class="uppercase">"Crack open the oyster & search for the pearl..."</span>
“Crack open the oyster & search for the pearl…”