Mental & Emotional

*heal your past*


when a “storm” hits

within us & around us

Depression * Guilt * etc…

Emotions are part of our day-to-day life… we’re HUMAN…

It gets difficult though when we’re never coming back to our internal peace… our “Happy Place”

And sometimes it can even feel like our ship is sinking in a storm, where we try to hang on for dear life

while everything around us and/or within us seems to fall apart

it’s time to pick up the pieces & launch our “CREATOR” within!

Anger * Fury * Frustration


treating with homeopathic remedies

supporting with psychological coaching & counselling

releasing “stuck” emotions with the Bliss Emotional Release technique

developing a plan to “break the cycle”


HELP! I’m falling apart



breaking the vicious cycle

with the application of homeopathic remedies as well as the spiritual understanding embracing new choices


moving forward leaving the past behind

empowering YOU to embrace new “chances” by making new decisions supported by the application of homeopathic remedies


abuse & neglect

healing through understanding & forgiveness finding new joy in relationships & life in general


through Endurance, Speed & Force

stability & decisiveness

to conquer challenges

courage & passion

to dive through the waves

Bliss emotional release

to let go

...when you're willing to <em><strong>feel it</strong></em>, you can <em><strong>heal it</strong></em>!
…when you’re willing to feel it, you can heal it!