Shocks & Traumas

*release the blow*


when struck by “lightning

Physical Injury

is treated based on the “LAW OF SIMILARS” with homeopathic remedies annihilating the injury at its root


emotional release technique “Bliss” is supported with homeopathic remedies as well as coaching & counselling


physical, m/e abuse renders the same treatment as for any other shock or trauma to ensure complete cure

Anger & Fury

converting into acceptance & forgiveness

healing through understanding & release, finding forgiveness with new joy in life

Betrayal & Depression

moving forward leaving the past behind

empowering YOU to embrace new “chances” living an authentic life

m/e & physical Abuse

breaking the vicious cycle

healing on the soul level to be empowered & move on with confidence


through Endurance, Speed & Force

stability & decisiveness

to conquer challenges

courage & passion

to drive your own life

Bliss emotional release

to let it go

<em>"Pain can kill all on it's own"</em>
“Pain can kill all on it’s own”

the body goes into shock and shuts down, creating a “new” reality