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I’m Manuela

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst – Dynamic Blood Analyst – Relationship Coach

12 Step Program For A Vibrant Life

“You’re like my Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Priest all together in one person”

Jennifer C, Renfrew, ON


I’m Manuela

My hunch is you’ve heard about me from a friend or came across some videos or articles online. Whatever your journey, I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about my services and how I can help you move towards your goals.

As with anything medical or coaching, there are many variables to identify in order to establish an individual plan that promises to be successful.

That’s why I’d like to offer you a 15-30 min FREE discovery call.

Looking forward meeting you virtually soon.

btw… I’ve been practising for over twenty years & have made an impact on the health of thousands of people

12 steps to a vibrant life

heal your body

Life happens to all of us

Sometimes we’re making choices that are not in our favour while other times we simply are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Accidents, catching some kinda “bug” and aging is real

Usually you CAN reach a full RECOVERY

I’m helping people reach their health goals. I’m providing nutritional advice & with the support of homeopathic remedies treat the shock & trauma at hand, the virus that’s rampant or simply any chronic ailments that are painful, discouraging or simply annoying.

Heal your Hurt

We’re not living like Robinson Crusoe

Growing up in challenging situations, experiencing bullying or ending up in toxic relationships sure leaves it’s mark on our heart & soul, so does the loss of a loved one or any bad experience

Do you know you CAN fully RECOVER?

All too often our emotional hurt and unresolved feelings manifest in our physical body without us knowing. Life is tough & requires a good backbone. If you struggle with anxiety, migraines, feel depressed, not good enough or simply feel lost, work with me!

Discover your true desires

If it’s meant to be it will be

Sometimes we want something and wonder why it’s so hard to “get” there, why everyone else has what we want but for us it feels like “pushing an elephant through a garden hose”

Sometimes, it’s simply not the right time, we may have to learn a lesson or it’s not mean to be at all. Only the future will tell

I help people clear out all the unnecessary “brush” to see the beautiful landscape that’s right in front of them with an individualized action plan. Stop feeling like you’re on an uphill treadmill!

Trust your intuition

Be careful what you wish for

Intuition, that little “nudge” we all have but all too often simply ignore. Following this inner hunch can literally turn your life around & catapult you to experience new found joy & purpose

But “How do I know who’s talking”? you ask. Well that’s the million dollar question. Discovering if it’s “real” is the challenge at hand

I help people know “who’s talking”, when to trust your most inner wisdom that’s trying to guide you on your life’s journey and when it’s a sign to rather dismiss and not to follow

embrace your fun

Get your mojo rolling

Let’s be real… we’re all busy and are dealing with issues… all the time! Little kids on the other hand are free flowing with no worries in the world. And yes, as adults we do have responsibilities. I get it.

But what if you wouldn’t hold back and let your mojo roll? How different would your life be? Imagine “dancing” with your new tribe

What makes you “tick”? What’s getting your mojo going? I help people re-ignite with their core being. That inner child that wants to “play” again. Re-discover your fun in life!

trust in your abilities

Be careful what you wish for

We have the greatest gift right at our finger tips. Unfortunately I witness all too often that peoples greatest potential lies dormant and hidden deep within their soul

Discover what “drives” you. Think big! Have faith & act upon it. You ARE unique! The world needs you! This will be your true fulfilment

In my sessions I help people identify their true hidden treasures while supporting their whole being to embrace their unique gifts that is so very much needed in this world

Conquer your doubts

Or they’ll kick you in the butt later

Let’s be real… we’re human and at times doubts may rear their ugly head. Doubts are one of the most captivating feelings for not reaching our true potential in healing and overall life

Imagine you wouldn’t have doubts? How different would you behave or act in certain situations? How different would you approach things? In health we’re free flowing, adaptable & vibrant

Engage in my inspirational & encouraging coaching session, start releasing & healing what’s holding you back with the support of homeopathic remedies & my “Bliss” session

take accountability

refrain from narcissistic behaviours

Taking accountability for something we’ve done is difficult for many people. However, if you truly seek the freedom of living a healthy & vibrant life this is the one thing you MUST do

Being real, knowing our faults and admitting our mistakes will get you loved beyond measures. Humble requires an emotional vulnerability we can learn if we choose to

The strength lies in our actions and integrity. It takes a lot of courage to take accountability. I support people in my coaching session to find new ways & apply homeopathic remedies to eliminate “boulders” in the way

Nurture yourself

Yes… take that bath!

Life is so busy that we often simply spin out of control feeling we’ve lost the battle altogether. It’s in those moments to honour ourselves & pamper ourselves! Without YOU there’s NO YOU! Practice extreme self-care

Whatever “tickles your fancy”! There’s no right or wrong! Crank up the music & dance wildly through the room, sit by the water in solitude or bake those healthy cookies… tune into yourself!

In my coaching session I’ll help people juggle their time to incorporate some ad hoc “me time” to rejuvenate & get ready for what life throws at them. Be present & living in the moment is key!

Love yourself

you can’t give money if you don’t have money

Self love is very much frowned upon as being narcissistic or outright selfish. But how can we truly love something or someone? Or even let their love into our hearts? Love means vulnerability & accountability beyond measures

Find that little tidbit of joy, fun, awe & beauty that makes your “light shine”. You’ll become radiant! You’ll be amazed of the peace & gratefulness in your heart & soul… pure BLISS

I’m helping people eliminating their obstacles to embrace their own inner beauty, becoming authentic warriors & goddesses that are the most powerful beings on this earth… be the REAL YOU!

you know you can heal? Right?

so… are you ready?

book your FREE discovery call


a little peak behind the scenes

“You’re like my Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Priest all together in one person”

Jennifer C, Renfrew, Ontario

After only 24 hrs my incredible pain of 5 days vanished (broken toe)

Megan J, Arnprior, Ontario

You’ve set yourself apart in the world we live in

Gail C, Arnprior, Ontario

Simply awesome…THANK YOU

Judith G, Renfrew, Ontario

He was such an old creepy bastard.

Finally I’m FREE from the torments in my mind

53 year old childhood abuse victim, Renfrew, Ontario

I came in with trembling anxiety & panic, leaving in peace


Anonymous Abuse victim, Pembroke, Ontario

I can’t THANK YOU enough for changing my life

Sandra T, Ottawa, Ontario

I never felt like this in all my 64 years… I’m finally at peace

Lucie P, Calabogie, Ontario

Doctors were telling me I’d loose my leg. THANK YOU for saving it!

Regine V, Arnprior, Ontario

I want you to thrive

I’m a firm believer that we can heal & reach our potential as well as innate desires given the proper education, tools, understanding & medicine to promote and encourage our own individual evolution. Living a vibrant life is simply a great bonus

together we change the world

Interview & Speaking Engagement

I’m a firm believer that by sharing our purpose, individual gifts, acquired knowledge and intuitive wisdom not just with the world around us but globally, our collective message will impact our human “family” beyond measures and on top of it aid every other living creature on Mother Earth in an abundant ever evolving way

Manuela Mueller

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst

Dynamic Live Blood Analysis

Inspirational Life & Relationship Coach

a Division of Manuela Mueller Consulting LTD