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3 step

cancer coaching

I’m a doctor of medical heilkunst & a dynamic blood analyst

…and I had breast cancer


I’m Manuela

Healing my emotional traumas was paving the way so my tumour could vanish in just eighteen days doing only five things every day.

After all, three Doctor’s gave me the “death” sentence nine month prior.

I now help men & women on their cancer journey

…you know your body can heal, right?

Step ONE

Emotional Release Technique

“feel the bliss”

learn how to heal unresolved emotions, traumas & wounds

Step Two

Nutritional “Lightning Bolt” Detox

“feel it in your veins”

combine four powerful rituals to feel your tumour disintegrate

…just like I did

Step Three

Pure Egyptian Essences

“feel the pull”

feel how the external sensation converts into internal healing

you may wonder what egypt has to do with it

a whole lot… for my healing… and now yours…

I want you to thrive

If you’ve just been diagnosed or fighting the “battle” for a while and if you feel you have what it takes, I’d be honoured guiding you through the exact same healing steps I’ve personally used to conquer my breast cancer, in hope for a full recovery.

Cancer is a “beast” that needs to be fought in different ways. If healing is impossible you may benefit from easing your pain and discomfort as well as calming your emotional stress and worries with my Heilkunst Treatment.

together we change the world

Interview & speaking engagement

My mission is to help men and women with cancer, to share my healing story with the world to encourage people who have been diagnosed with cancer, are living with cancer or know of someone who is suffering this beast of a disease. I’m a firm believer that healing is possible and I’m proof of it!


My services are not meant in lieu of professional medical advice. Please consult your Doctor prior to commitment. Results may vary greatly based on individuality of disease, personality, commitment and other unforeseen circumstances.

No guarantee can be made that the outcome will be similar to mine

Manuela Mueller

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst
Dynamic Live Blood Analyst
Mental Health Coach

a Division of Manuela Mueller Consulting LTD