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Dynamic Live & Dry

Blood Analysis

…the blood never lies

The Live Blood Sample Shows:

nutritional deficiencies

iron deficiencies

acidity levels





aterial plaque

liver & kidney stress

immunesystem imbalance

Vitamin & mineral Deficiencies

The dry blood sample reveals:

heart murmor & stressors

autoimmune responses

bowel inflammation

Adrenal Function

organ stressors

Thyroid Issues

Skin Problems



Liver Burdens


emotional stress

Digestion & Bowel stress

Vitamin C & Magnesium Deficiencies

unresolved severe emotional traumas

bones structures including osteoporosis

darkfield microscopy

…the evidence is just one “finger prick” away

White Blood Cells

are our immune response

some WBC’s live only seconds while others live for many years

Red Blood Cells

are our nutrient, oxygen & detox vessels

RBC’s renew each other every 120 days

you know you can heal? right?

the Blood will show the evidence while your body makes you feel it

and this is for you

Your Individualized Report

findings & recommendations

what did we see?

what to do next…

track your progress!

Disclaimer: The Live & Dry Blood Analysis is NOT a medical diagnosis. Please consult your physician for any medical advice

I want you to thrive

If you’re anxious about any health concerns or have ongoing stress in your life or simply are not feeling well, treat yourself to a Dynamic Live & Dry Blood Analysis to discover insight you won’t find anywhere else. Gain the knowledge to fix it so your body can heal again. And watch it all unfolding right in front of your eyes on the TV screen.

together we change the world

Interview & Speaking Engagement

I’m a firm believer that by sharing our knowledge, experience, intuitive wisdom and individual gifts with the world our collective impact on humanity will aid better health, well-being as well as a happier ever evolving life. If you’re an educator or any other type of influencer who’s mission is to bring knowledge to various audiences and to educate them on how important good lifestyle choices are please reach out

Manuela mueller

doctor of medical heilkunst
dynamic live blood analyst
Mental Health Coach

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